SOPHOS Firewall

About Sophos Firewall:

  1. Essential Firewall Free: Network Firewall, NAT, Native Windows Remote Access
  2. Network Protection: IPSec/SSL, ATP, VPN, IPS, DoS Protection
  3. Web Protection :URL Filtering, Application Control, Dual Engine Antivirus
  4. Email Protection:Anti-spam, Email Encryption and DLP, Dual Engine Antivirus
  5. Wireless Protection :Wireless Controller, Multi-SSID Support, Captive Portal
  6. Every feature available on every appliance
  7. Firewall, VPN, ATP, IPS, email, web filtering and app control
  8. Hardware, virtualized, software or cloudbased appliance
  9. Intuitive browserbased interface
  10. Built-in reporting on all models
  11. Two-factor authentication with one-time password (OTP) in many areas
  12. Integrated wireless controller

Why do I need a firewall? 

  1. Peer pressure.
  2. One firewall is simpler to administer than many hosts.
  3. It’s easier to be security conscientious with a firewall.

What is a firewall?

  1. As many machines as it takes to:
  2. be the sole connection between inside and outside.
  3. test all traffic against consistent rules.
  4. pass traffic that meets those rules.
  5. contain the effects of a compromised system.

What are the risks?

Theft or disclosure of internal data
Unauthorized access to internal hosts
Interception or alteration of data
Vandalism & denial of service
Wasted employee time
Bad publicity, public embarassment, and law suits

What needs to be secured?

  1. Crown jewels: patent work, source code, market analysis; information assets
  2. Any way into your network
  3. Any way out of your network
  4. Information about your network

Desktop: SMB and Branch Office

Price:performance and connectivity for branch offices, retail and small businesses. <XG 86 Rev.1 XG 106 Rev.1 XG 115 Rev.3 XG 125 Rev.3 XG 135 Rev.3>

2U: Performance and Data Center

Optimal performance and redundancy for the distributed enterprise.<XG 550 Rev.2 XG 650 Rev.2 XG 750 Rev.2>

SD-RED Remote Ethernet Devices

Plug and Play Remote Ethernet Devices to connect branch offices and remote sites.<SD-RED 20 SD-RED 60>